Electric Coffee Makers – A Household Necessity

Mmmm, there’s nothing better than a cup of coffee that fills your house with its unmistakable aroma. Although people around the world have been making and drinking coffee for centuries (it originates from Ethiopia), it wasn’t until 1972 that electric coffee makers became available for use in the home or office. These coffee makers revolutionized the way people make coffee, turning the coffee making process into a quick and easy affair. Although there are plenty of ways to make coffee without electricity, automatic coffee makers are definitely the most convenient, hassle-free way of making a great cup of coffee quickly and easily.

How an Electric Coffee Maker WorksBasically, electric coffee makers work by using a heating element to heat the water in the reservoir. The hot water is siphoned up through a tube and then sprayed onto the coffee grounds. The hot water then hits the coffee grounds, and the coffee drips down into the pot, which is on a warming plate to keep it hot until you drink it. Electric Coffee Makers come with all kinds of features these days. Some have timers you can set so that the machine will start making coffee so it is ready the moment you need it-usually first thing in the morning! Some new coffee makers are designed to make exactly one perfect cup of coffee, no more, no less. Others can make a wide assortment of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, café latte, and many others.

The Future of Coffee Makers

Home coffee makers are so widespread in the west that nearly every household has at least one on the kitchen counter. Yet things started to change once coffee chains like Starbucks started opening on corners worldwide. Since coffee shops can make specialty coffee drinks that you probably wouldn’t make at home, many people started choosing not to make their cup of joe at home anymore.  Coffee chains opened all over the world, buoyed by the voracious appetites of coffee lovers willing to fork over four bucks for a cup of coffee. But alas, the tide seems to be reversing again. It seems that people are keeping a better hold on their wallets’ contents, and have come to realize that it costs at least 10 times as much to buy coffee than to make it yourself at home, and many coffee shops are closing due to lack of business. Starbucks has been shutting down stores like crazy.  Though many people will still frequent coffee shops, the home coffee machine definitely still holds a prominent position on the kitchen counter.